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Every day, we enthusiastically prepare the most delicious spreads for everyone. And thanks to our extensive range, there's something to everyone's taste

Our range of flavors has increased tenfold over the years, but our salads are still prepared according to traditional methods.

- Daniëlle

No matter how much the company has grown in the meantime, the mentality of a real family business still prevails here: everyone knows everyone else!

Every day is a challenge,
every day is different.

With a lot of enthusiasm, we prepare every day the most delicious salads for everyone. The company, and our assortment, has grown steadily over the years, but we still aim for an artisanal taste. Besides our traditional spreads, you can also find many innovative spreads and theme spreads in our assortment. So there is something for everyone!

Our company in Turnhout is actually one big kitchen. And no matter how much the company has grown, it still has the mentality of a real family business: Everyone knows everyone else! Our people have really mastered the trade and are there for you every day. Only the best spreads are good enough. That is why we set the bar very high for quality and consistency.

Passion for taste

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