The beste quality

The best taste, that's what counts. That is why we carry out quality checks every day, both on the raw materials and on the finished product. This is the only way we can guarantee the best and consistent quality.
Getting those tasty spreads on everyone's sandwich every day. That is what it is all about. -Leen
The quality of our spreads is the main priority. This requires stringent control at every stage of the production process.

The best taste is what matters.

We have extensive in-house knowledge and expertise in the area of quality and food safety. And so every day, we carry out quality checks on both the ingredients and the end product.

First of all, we evaluate the structure, the taste and the appearance of the ingredients. Then we take samples, which are analysed by an external lab. Afterwards, we check to what extent the results fall within the set standards. This quality control is actually done continuously, both on new and on existing ingredients and in every phase of the production process. Only by measuring and improving every day can we guarantee the quality and stability of our products.

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